Cost of Treatment

bmstallIn China in the time of the Yellow Emperor, doctors were only paid when their patients reamined healthy. If the patient got sick, the doctor wasn’t doing his job properly and so did not get paid.

I would like to update this for our time. Although I am happy to work on a traditional fees basis, with the fees set out below, I am also happy to charge according to results.

While many patients respond quickly to treatment, there are many conditions, especially chronic ones that take  time to respond to treatment and where many treatments may be required before there is significant improvement. As such, to enable me to make what I believe to be the correct clinical decisions regarding treatment in each case, I am prepared  to work for no fee or a reduced fee until the prognosis is clear. If your condition does not respond to treatment, you will not waste your money, and if it does, then you can change to pay the full fee.

10 minute chat to discuss whether acupuncture is right for you: free

Initial consultation: £45

Subsequent appointments: £35

These fees are the same as they were in 2008 and have not increased since. Prices may increase in 2016, but at present we have no plans to do so.

The initial consultation will last approximately one and a half hours, during which a  full case history is taken. There will also be time for treatment during this first session.

Subsequent appointments last between forty-five minutes and an hour.

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